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B & D Murkin
UK main importers for
Le Tonkinois varnish
Flexidisc sander
Le Tonkinois Varnish
Le Tonkinois Varnish Specifications

Pure resin modified through high temperature curing, Linseed oil, Tung oil, vegetable driers and thinners. Does not contain petroleum based solvents.
Approximately 20 square metres per litre per coat on bare wood,
30 square metres per litre for subsequent coats.
Drying time
Dust dry 2 hours, Hard 8 hours, Recoat after 24 hours or longer,
no maximum time between coats.
Brush, cloth, roller or spray (for spraying thin with white spirit).
Thinning not necessary for brush application of all coats, including the primer.
Brush cleaner
White spirit.
Number of coats
2 or 3 for indoors, 4 for outdoors, 5 for boats (minimum).
More coats will give longer lasting protection.
Bright glossy, add Gelomat to last coat for matt or satin finish.
Low, no respiratory irritants. Safe to use anywhere.
Fire retard
M2 classified.   (not easily flammable).
Dry extract
60% +/- 2%   AFNOR T30003 Family class 2c.
Specific gravity
0.9   Viscosity approx 3 poises.
Electrical resistance
Very good.
Storage life
Unopened excellent.
Opened several years if stored in container with no air.
Special Features
No brush marks,  they disappear within 30 minutes of application.
Ideal for interior or exterior woodwork. Excellent waterproofing.
High resistance to temperature changes and weather conditions,
including sea water environment.
Good resistance to U.V.  abrasion and knocks.
Excellent covering power, easy to apply, brush marks flow out.
High resistance to acids, alkalis, caustic soda, gasses etc.
Withstands boiling water, hot plates and cups