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Eberspacher Diesel Water Heater Models



I suspect the D4WZ does not exist despite components like glowpins being advertised as being suitable.

These may be similar to adverts for the D5LCC which was never manufactured.

There are no Eberspacher manuals or photos for this model.

Eberspacher water heaters with a Z in the version number are OEM heaters.

OEM water heaters are fitted by the vehicle manufacturer into the engine's water system to provide additional heat when required. Generally the vehicle's water pump circulates the water so the Eberspacher cannot be used with the engine switched off.

Problems can be difficult to localise to the Eberspacher due to the interaction from the vehicles electronics and the engines water circuit. In theory fault finding is best suited to a garage mechanic but I have been told many of them including some vehicle main dealers do not know a lot about Eberspachers.

Eberspacher dealers cannot deal with OEM models and I am unable to give specific advice on them.

The heater's ECU is usually modified to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications which allow the heater to be linked into the engine management system and there are more than 1000 different versions, most will not be interchangeable. Mechanically the heater is unlikely to be changed so the Hydronic servicing pages should be the same or similar enough to be able to do a routine service. ECUs, connectors, wiring and how the heaters are controlled may differ.

Hence the manuals should be considered as rough guides only. Some models have no Eberspacher manuals, the vehicles manuals will be the only source of information.

2  OEM Water Heaters

Top:- Fuel inlet left, Water outlet, water inlet.

Bottom:- Combustion air inlet, Exhaust outlet.

OEM model.

Technical Installation manual              1988 German**

Troubleshooting & repair manual        2000 German**

Parts manual                                         2011**

No dates are shown on any labels we have photos of.

Automatic settings               Start   High    Low    Standby

Heat output                                    3300    1600    0  watts.

Supply current                       25          8         8      0  amps

Water pump, Fuel pump                   External

Spare parts can be specific to vehicle manufacturer.

Servicing see Hydronic servicing page.

        *see http://mikrob.ru/viewtopic.php?t=129078

         Wiring connection details unknown.

Fault finding information see Faults pages for basic faults. Otherwise go to vehicle dealer.

* Thanks to the Russian author for publishing this article on repairing a D3WZ.   Google translate helps but the results are not brilliant so I hope to copy some of those photos later and add English notes.

1    Impeller

2    Blower motor

3    Heat exchanger

4    Burner

5    Glowpin

6    Flame sensor

7    Temperature sensor

8    Overheating sensor

9    ECU

10  Combustion air inlet

11  Exhaust

12  Fuel pump

13  Fuel filter

14  Controller

15  Loom connector


Hydronic II   D5WZ

**Manuals may not apply but are a good starting point.


OEM model.

Technical Installation manual                    2010**

Troubleshooting repair manual                 -

Parts manual                                              2012**

Label dates usually not shown.

Automatic settings                         Start   High    Low    Standby

Heat output                                               4300    2400    0  watts

Fuel consumption                                     0.53     0.27     0   l/hr

Power consumption                      110        37        10     0   watts

Water pump, fuel pump                External

Water throughput                           800 at 0.1 bar  l/hr

Minimum water throughput            250                   l/hr

Servicing see Hydronic servicing page.

Spare parts availability   unknown.

Wiring connection details unknown.

Fault finding information see Faults pages for basic faults.

Otherwise go to vehicle dealer.

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Page 1 covers water heater introduction

Page 2 covers current models

Page 3 covers OEM models

Page 4 older models - page planned for later production

OEM model 2015.

There are no Eberspacher manuals.

Thanks to William Brugman who investigated and got one working.

Red to +12v

Brown to 0v

Yellow and Blue together for startup when connected to +12v

Red/black to pump

Green to pump

Blue/white for diagnostics