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Eberspacher D2L & B2L

Note the new 2KW Airtronic has the same model name, ie D2L.   Typical  Eberspacher naming confusion.


Ancient D2L and B2L heaters are obsolete and Eberspacher no longer support them. These are very old and gaskets and other parts are probably unobtainable.  Sources for some spares at http://www.brick-yard.co.uk/forum/strip-and-fix-eber-d2l-b2l-westy-type-heater_topic61860.html

Photos Tim Claseman taken when he disassembled this faulty B2L.

d2l_05_big.jpg d2l_06_big.jpg d2l_07_big.jpg d2l_08_big.jpg d2l_10_big.jpg

These heaters were designed for under chassis mounting.

After cleaning.

Partly disassembled.

Before cleaning.

Fan motor with motor control board.

BL2 Spark plug after cleaning.

Back view of printed circuit board after resoldering. This cleared the original fault but heater was still faulty. The brown wires are the earth or 0 volt power return cables. When the connector became unsoldered fan current could then flow through other components which probably damaged them. No further investigations were done as the owner decided to replace it with a later model.

Faulty Motor control board. Original fault cause is the connector with the brown wires. Here all the six soldered connections to the circuit board have broken. Over time cyclic thermal expansion and contraction plus vibration have cracked the old soldered joints. There is also evidence of corrosion on some connectors.

d2l_01_big.jpg d2l_03_big.jpg d2l_04_big.jpg
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