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Flexidisc sander

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Flexidisc Sanding System

Starter pack   £30.00   postage £3.00

Flexidisc sander / grinder

4 long life 125 mm discs (coarse, medium, fine and  wet & dry)

Cleaning rubber.

Professional pack     £58.00   postage £5.50

Pack contents and prices under review, contact us before ordering

Flexidisc sander / grinder

4 long life 125 mm discs (coarse,  medium,  fine and  wet & dry)

125 mm hand mitten

125 mm polishing cap

125 mm polishing sponge

75 mm mini plate

3 long life 75 mm discs  (coarse, medium and fine)

75 mm mini polishing cap

Cleaning rubber

Uniclamp drill mount

Unisharp mk2 knife and scissor sharpener

(Note the special pack sold on shows may contain extra bonus items)

Uniclamp with Unisharp    NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Uniclamp drill mount with Unisharp mk2 knife and scissor sharpener.

(drill not included)

Uniclamp drill mount    NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Strong polycarbon clamp allows the drill to be mounted in any position, horizontal vertical or in between, for use as a bench sander or grinder.

Fits onto the 43 mm accessory collar.

Does not fit cordless drills as these have no collar.


Unisharp mk2 knife and scissor sharpener.

Easy to use sharpening tool fits in any electric drill.

The plastic guide on the side of the tool gives the correct angle for sharpening scissors and garden shears.

Knives are sharpened between the spring loaded stones.

New version with coarse and fine stones.

Hand mitten  £5   postage £1

Flexible 125 mm Velcro type hook and loop covered rubber pad with an elastic strap which allows the pad to be held in the palm of the hand.

It is used with the 125 mm discs to allow hand sanding of inside curves, banisters, chair legs etc.

Polishing cap   £4   postage £1

125 mm lambs wool cap, with hook and loop backing, for polishing wood or metal. Use with Autosol grinding paste, (obtainable from car accessory shops), for polishing aluminium or brass. Also available as a polishing set.

Polishing sponge   £3   postage £3

125 mm hook and loop backed sponge. It is designed for car valeters, use to apply liquid polish to a car or furniture. If using a variable speed drill select lower speed setting. Sponge is not washable. Also available as a polishing set.

Polishing set   £6.00   postage £3

125 mm polishing cap and polishing sponge

Mini plate   £5.00   postage £1

75 mm plate with coarse, medium and fine discs.

Fits onto the shaft in place of the 125 mm plate to enable the Flexidisc to get to places that are too small for the normal plate.

Mini polishing cap  £2.25   postage £1

75 mm lambs wool mini cap, tie on fixing, wraps round the 75 mm mini plate.

Cleaning rubber  £3.00   postage £1

Disc cleaning rubber for safe efficient cleaning of discs

125 mm discs

Long life slap on peel off 125 mm discs with Velcro type hook and loop backing. Discs are very high quality and have corundum abrasive with resin bond for extremely long life. All discs are suitable for almost all hard materials. Coarse  60 grit, Medium 150 grit, Fine 220 grit, Extra fine wet and dry 400 grit.

Standard pack  £6.50   postage £1

8 discs, 2 each of Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra fine.

Selected pack £6.50   postage £1

8 discs any mix of grades

50 long life 125 mm discs    £35.00   postage £3.50

Any mix of grades

100 long life 125 mm discs   £60.00   postage £3.50

Any mix of grades

Long life 75mm discs   £3.50   postage £0.60

Slap on peel off discs with hook and loop backing.

Available in 60, 150, 220 grit.

Pack of 6 discs any mix of grades for mini plate.

Replacement flexible drive shaft   £12.00   post £1.50

with plastic and metal nuts

Contact us if you just need a nut.

Replacement 125 mm steel plate   £12.00   post £1.50

with hook and loop fixing.

Le Tonkinois varnish

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