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Site map  Eberspacher pages   -   Where do I find.....?
With so much Eberspacher info on the site finding the page you want may take a little time, this site map may help.
Introduction                    Introduction, How Eberspachers work, Model naming, Links for manuals, Dealer list,
                                       Request for faulty heaters.
                                       Technical Bulletin 281 (avoid / solve common problems on boat installations).

Water Heater Introduction.
Water Heater Introduction Introduction, How water heaters work, Two and one pipe header tanks.

Heater Models - Brief specifications and comments for each model plus model specific information not on a separate page.
Air Models 1                    Current air models - Airtronic D2, Airtronic D3, Airtronic D5, D8LC.
Air Models 2                    D1LCC, D1LC, D1L, B2L, D2L, BN2.
                                          B2L D2L disassembled,   BN2 photos
Air Models 3                    D3LCC, D3LC, D3L.
Air Models 4                    D5LC, D5L, D4L, D7L.
Water Models 1               Current water models - D4WS, D5WS, D4WSC, D5WSC, M8, M10, M12

Heater Servicing.
Servicing                              Servicing introduction, Motor silk fuel additive test.
Airtronic D2 D4 Servicing  Detailed servicing D2 D4, Modifying socket for glowpin removal, Fuel filter.
D5 D5LC D5 Servicing      Detailed servicing D5LC. Also covers Airtronic D5 and D5L models
Blower units D2 D4             Disassembly warnings, Disassembled blower unit, Brush and bearing replacement.
D1LCC Service                   Servicing D1LCC  (D3LCC  D1LC  and  D3LC models are similar), fuel filter
D1L Service                         Detailed disassembly D1L, Replacing D1L blower motor bearings.
D3L Service
D4WSC D5WSC Service  Draft page  Servicing D4WSC D5WSC,  (D4WSZ D5WSZ models are similar)
D10W Service                     Detailed servicing D10W

Heater problems.
Fault Finding                     Detailed Eberspacher fault finding, How heater should start with no faults for D2 D4
Fault Finding Simple        Most common Eberspacher faults, D1LCC lockouts, Airtronic D2 D4 D5 lockouts.
Fuel Supply Faults            General notes, Water in fuel, Fuel types, Bio diesel compatibility.
                                            Fuel quantity test, Pump faults, Lost spring & ball bearing, Pump testing,
                                            Alternative pump  results.
Fuel Problem                    Practical fault finding when one of our heaters failed due to fuel degradation.
Low Voltage Faults          Investigating and solving low voltage causes, Installing a voltmeter.
Fault Codes                      Corrected list of fault codes and suggested solutions.
Failed Components         Faulty components taken apart.
Burner Autopsy                 D4 burner cut in half.
Silencer Autopsy              Exhaust silencer cut open.
ECU Failure Reasons     Why ECUs fail.
ECU Autopsy                   ECUs taken apart.

Heater installation general notes.
Manuals                       List of latest manuals. Links for downloading.
Wiring Guides            Cable sizes, Eberspacher wiring colour codes, Airtronic connector S1 wiring,
                                     D2 D4 D5 wiring loom,  Mini controller.
                                     D1LCC D3LCC wiring, Rheostat controller.
Fit Remote Sensor    Remote temperature sensor - when it will or will not help,
                                     Installing remote sensor, cheap sensors.
Controllers                  Controller confusion, Rheostat, Mini, 801, 701, 401, 301, 7 day timer, Cheap DIY controller,
                                     Thermostats, Universal switch, Westfalia.
Buying Advice            Why choose Eberspacher, Condition descriptions and what they usually really mean,
                                     Non standard heater warnings,
                                     Heater size, 12v to 24 volt converters, Battery supply cable sizes, Inlet & exhaust pipes,
                                     Air duct length and bend restrictions, Fuel pumps, Timers, Better 7 day multi timer.
Eberspacher_FAQ    Frequently asked questions.
Derek's Tips               General tips

Contact us    We give advice but our other interests and the number of queries means we have to limit the time spent for each query. Therefore it is in your own interest to use our webpages before contacting us, otherwise you may run out of time for advice. We have no crystal ball, you have to be our eyes and ears, the more info you give the more chance of getting a good result.